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About MBC


Massoud & Bros. Co., Ltd. (MBC) was founded in Taiwan, in 1976. It started operating as an exporter of Sundries and Building Materials, then expanded to manufacturing a small range of Door and Window Hardware.

In 1980, MBC shifted its business scope further by focusing on the development of a broader line of door & window hardware and accessories. Also, to maintain a competent business while retaining proper control over the quality and production costs of such a sophisticated operation, MBC formulated stronger ties with a number of qualified contract manufacturers in Taiwan. Therefore, nowadays, within the sub-contract group of factories under the MBC umbrella, almost every production & finishing process is available.

MBC has created a very unique, integrated, cost-effective manufacturing & supply operation. This operation combines our engineering capability, manufacturing, QA procedures, and export sales with the resources of each factory within the satellite sub-contract manufacturing group. It has also allowed MBC to maintain an accelerated sales performance against fierce competition from within Taiwan and other South East Asian countries.

Company Profile


Executive Director



Tony I. Massoud
Issa A. Massoud

In Taiwan - 80
In China - 120



Our Factories

We operate two wholly-owned factories, one in China (ISO 9001) and the other in Taiwan, that are capable of supplying our standard range of hardware as well as various OEM parts and assemblies.

MBC - China Manufacturing Plant

In 2022, MBC and its strategic partner relocated the original China Manufacturing Plant (which was opened in 2001) from Guangdong Province to Zhejiang Province. At this plant, MBC manufactures a wide range of hardware not suitable for production in Taiwan because of prevailing cost factors.

MBC - Taiwan Manufacturing Plant

In 2011, our manufacturing operation at Nantou City's Industrial Park (Taiwan) was relocated to a newly-built premises at Wufong Industrial Park in Taichung City, which is conveniently situated close to our major parts suppliers and sub-contractors.

Research and Development

Our facilities and diverse line of equipment are set up to handle every engineering drawing; from assessing the prototype units to testing the off-tool samples, in advance of mass production. Our latest 3D printer allows us to test designs before tooling.

Supported by a strong team of engineers and our accumulated expertise, MBC is geared to address every technical aspect during the design and development stages of each new product, in accordance to the customer's specifications or per the internationally recognized standards. This team of engineers, whose sight and mission is focused on accomplishing a progressive R&D program, is the backbone of MBC’s strength.

Quality Assurance

 MBC is proud to have its own team of highly trained quality control inspectors whose main task is to ensure the consistent quality of our exported products. From the design stage through prototyping, tooling and production, our QC team adheres to customers’ specifications, or else to our own in-house standards.

To manage the diverse manufacturing and Q.C. work at our sub-contract vendors, MBC maintains a branch operation in the central part of Taiwan, which coordinates and monitors various procedures related to the quality requirements and delivery schedules. The same system of operation is also adopted within our manufacturing plant in China, which aims at making sure that its products meet MBC’s high standards. This China-based facility has attained ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation in January 2004.

We also conduct systematic random checks on all outgoing shipments to ensure that our commitment to quality is upheld at all times.

Our lab includes various metrology equipment as well as multiple custom-made functional and cycle testing apparatus.

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